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“Bad Archaeology: exposing frauds, misconceptions and distortions.” This site maintains that “Bad Archaeology is all around us. Many of its ideas...

Plato, Pseudoarchaeology, Pseudoscience, Timaeus, Critias, Archaeology view
Course Africa: Cradle Of Humanity

As Charles Darwin rightly predicted, Africa is the cradle of humanity, not only of our own species but also of the very first members of our...

Africa, Archaeology, behavior, Evolution, hominin view
Course Anglo-Saxon Archaeology

This course explores the archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England from the end of Roman Britain in the fifth century to...

Anglo-Saxon, Archaeology, hoard, sutton hoo view
Course Archaeology of Ancient Rome

What was life like in the ancient city of Rome? What did the buildings look like and how were they constructed and used? This five-week course...

Archaeology, Rome view
Link Britanni: Continuing Education Resources - Early Medieval Britain

Tutor's Website, containing additional resources relating to Early Medieval Western Britain

Archaeology, History, Early Medieval, Early Middle Ages, Early Christian, Late Antiquity, Dark Age, Welsh History, Celtic Studies, 5th century, 6th century, 7th century, Late Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Wessex, Wales, Cornwall, Devon, Wiltshire, Dorset, Avon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Hillforts view
Course Deserted Villages and the Black Death

During the later Middle Ages hundreds of English villages were deserted. In this course, using archaeological, archival and literary sources, we...

Archaeology, Middle ages view
Course From Civilisation to Barbarism? Western Britain in the Early Middle Ages

Did collapse, crisis, and ‘Celtic’ culture characterise post-Roman western Britain? How Roman was ‘British’ society during the 5th - 7th centuries...

Archaeology, Early Medieval, Dark Age, Celtic, Roman, Hillforts, 5th century, 6th century, 7th century, Early Middle Ages, Early Christian, History, Late Antiquity, Cultural Identity, Ethnic Identity, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic Studies, Social Identity, Material Culture, Household Archaeology, Romano-British, Byzantine, Migration Period view
Link History Today

Numerous articles, podcasts and images on world history from ancient times to the present day, all fully searcheable by period, theme and...

History, Archaeology view
Link Oxfordshire Heritage Search

A catalogue of Oxfordshire's cultural and heritage resources. Includes searchable material from Oxfordshire museums and archaeolgical services,...

Social history, Economic history, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Architecture, Archaeology, Buildings, History view
Course The Elgin Marbles

This course will examine the so-called 'Elgin Marbles' from their creation in 5th century BCE Athens, their history up to their acquisition by...

Archaeology, Athens, Greece view
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