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Document Nation Making, French Revolutionary Style: What is the Third Estate?

These extracts, from one of the key early pamphlets of the French Revolution, represent one of the first attempts to define the nation in a modern...

French Revolution, Georgian Britain, 1789, Third estate view
Document unit 2 - What is the Third Estate?

A hint of things to come? The first signs of radicalism - What is the Third Estate? EVERYTHING!

1789, French Revolution, Sieyes view
Document unit 5

Key events and issues from the Thermidorean period

1789, 1792, 1794, French Revolution, Robespierre view
Document unit 2

A key foundation document - the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

1789, French Revolution view
Document unit 3

A letter from George Washington to Morris, American minister in France, 1789 - insightful and revealing account of events from a foreign...

1789, george washington, French Revolution view
Document unit 6

The British reaction to the French revolution - key timeline and events

1789, 1790s, Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, william pitt, king george III, Whigs, tories view
Document Coursework Book

A copy of the class coursework book

1789, 1792, Terror, French Revolution view
Document Key Comparative Timelines

A look at key events in France and Britain during the period

1789, 1794, 1792, 1790s, French Revolution view
Document unit 5

Insightful glimpses into events leading up the overthrow of Robespierre, from the Diary entries of one of the soon to be Thermidoreans

1789, 1794, French Revolution view
Document unit 2

A major step in the creation of a National Assembly - the Tennis Court Oath

1789, French Revolution view
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