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Document Central Government & Volunteering

Extracts from government correspondence discussing the potential, and indeed pitfalls, of local volunteer initatives. Note the central dilemma the...

1792, Terror, volunteers, william pitt, Georgian Britain, revolutionary war view
Document unit 4

Leading Girondin and female politician Madame Roland's harrowing account of the September Massacres

1792, 1794, Robespierre, Danton, Jacobinism, French Revolution view
Document Liberty, Licentiousness & the Law

Extracts from a Charge to a Grand Jury in 1792, illustrating the wide ranging cultural effects of French Terror - and indeed British anti-Terror...

1792, Georgian Britain, william pitt, Terror, French Revolution, Jacobinism view
Document Key Comparative Timelines

A look at key events in France and Britain during the period

1789, 1794, 1792, 1790s, French Revolution view
Document unit 5

Key events and issues from the Thermidorean period

1789, 1792, 1794, French Revolution, Robespierre view
Document unit 4

A (chilling?) insight into Robespierre's thinking!

1792, 1794, Robespierre, French Revolution view
Document Government & the Fear of 'French Principles'

A brief extract from am inter-governmental letter illustrating early British fears about the potential appeal of French-style radicalism

1792, Georgian Britain, Terror, william pitt, Government view
Document unit 3

Key times and events from the constitutional monarchy period

1789, 1792, French Revolution view
Document unit 5

Popular report of Robespierre's rather miserable end

1789, 1792, 1794, French Revolution view
Document Coursework Book

A copy of the class coursework book

1789, 1792, Terror, French Revolution view
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