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Course Africa: Cradle Of Humanity

As Charles Darwin rightly predicted, Africa is the cradle of humanity, not only of our own species but also of the very first members of our...

Africa, Archaeology, behavior, Evolution, hominin view
Link African Art

A very thorough, if rather dry, resource which offers extensive coverage of all aspects of the subject area. Heavily dependent upon text-based...

Africa view
Link Exploring a Romano-African city: Thugga

From Rome to Pompeii and Ephesus the excavation of Roman remains is well known, but what of Roman remains in Africa? This learning unit looks at...

Africa, Thugga, Pompeii, Roman, Classical, sites, artefacts, Cultural Identity view
Link History of Tropical Medicine at Oxford

A lecture series on Tropical Medicine consisting of 5 lectures covering HIV/AIDS and Malaria in Africa. Produced by the University of Oxford.

Malaria, Medical science, Tropical Medicine, AIDS, HIV, Africa view
Image collection Lepcis Magna, Lepcis Magna, Lepcis Magna, Lepcis Magna, Lepcis Magna, Lepcis Magna, Lepcis Magna

Some images from the site of Lepcis Magna

Ancient rome, Lepcis Magna, Leptis Magna, Late Roman, Roman architecture, Roman art, Roman empire, Africa view
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