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Link Under den Linden, Berlin May 4 1945

A photograph of Under den Linden in central Berlin where under direction of Soviet soldiers civilians clear away rubble from the street. This was...

Berlin, Second World War, Twentieth-century, Germany, History view
Link Maps of Germany 1945-58

A series of maps showing the political development of Germany in the years following defeat in the Second World War and during the early years of...

Cold War, Twentieth-century, West Germany, East Germany, Berlin, History view
Link May Day Demonstrations in Berlin 1948

May Day demonstrations in Berlin, 1948. Part of the crowd is turning left to the Reichstag rendezvous of anti-communists while others continue to...

Berlin, Twentieth century, Germany, Postwar, History view
Link The Berlin wall

A description of the entire history of the Berlin wall from 1961 when it was first erected until the wall began to be dismantled in 1989. It...

Twentieth-century, Berlin, Cold War, West Germany, East Germany, History view
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