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Link Archaeology of Medieval and Tudor Britain

The aim of this course is to provide a broad understanding of the archaeology of Britain in the period c. 1066-1600.

Medieval, Britain, Tudor, Post-Medieval, Europe view
Course Britain and Ireland: The Escalating Conflict 1790-1922

For many centuries Ireland has arguably been Britain's 'Achilles Heel'. Once a Protestant community was established in Ireland, the foundations...

Britain, Ireland view
Link British Museum collections database

A searchable catalogue of over two million objects held by the museum, including many full colour images. The collection ranges from World...

Prehistory, Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Greek, Classical, New World, Anglo-Saxon, Medieval, Post-Medieval, artefacts, coins, Roman coins, Sculpture, Britain, Europe, World view
Link Introduction to Prehistory in Britain

This course covers the period from the end of the last ice age (c.9500 BCE) to the British Iron Age. It begins with an introduction to Archaeology...

Prehistory, Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Landscape, sites, artefacts, Britain, Europe view
Link MAA (Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge University)

Catalogue of 800,000 objects. Archaeology holds material from many famous sites, for example Olduvai, Le Moustier, Jericho, Haua Fteah, Kechipauan...

Prehistory, Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Classical, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Medieval, Post-Medieval, Britain, Europe, World, Pacific, artefacts, material culture. view
Link Map of Roman Britain c. 400 CE

A rough map of Britain near the end of the period of Roman control, circa 400 CE Place names and terrain features are given with their Roman names...

Roman, Britain, Roman Britain, sites, Landscape, Historical Maps view
Link Roman provincial coinage online

The current project is confined to the Antonine period (AD 138–192), but it is intended that it will form a model for putting other periods online...

Roman, Classical, coins, Britain, artefacts view
Link The Viking Age Scotland and the Irish Sea Provinces

This course looks at the settling of Norwegian Vikings in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Aquitaine. Vikings were not just raiders; they were...

Vikings, Britain, Europe, sites, artefacts view
Link The Viking Age: England and Francia

Scandinavians, popularly known as Vikings, began to explore and settle in Europe from the ninth century. They have long had a reputation as...

Vikings, Britain, Europe view
Link Town and Country in Roman Britain

This course aims to look at the archaeology of various types of urban centres in the province of Britannia Roman Britain and the settlements in...

Roman, Britain, urban, town, country, Roman Britain view
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