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This site gives a very helpful alphabetical list of ancient sources, along with links to online translations (where available) and other useful...

Primary sources, Use of historical sources, Ancient history, Historiography, Ancient rome, Roman empire, Late Roman, Greek history, Byzantine, Early Christian, Decline and Fall, Transformation of the Roman Empire view

This link takes you to a site that has a great deal of useful information about a number of key sources for our period: Eusebius. Eunapius,...

Primary sources, Use of historical sources, Chronicle, Historiography, Byzantine, Late Roman, Roman empire, Ancient rome, Early Christian view
Course From Civilisation to Barbarism? Western Britain in the Early Middle Ages

Did collapse, crisis, and ‘Celtic’ culture characterise post-Roman western Britain? How Roman was ‘British’ society during the 5th - 7th centuries...

Archaeology, Early Medieval, Dark Age, Celtic, Roman, Hillforts, 5th century, 6th century, 7th century, Early Middle Ages, Early Christian, History, Late Antiquity, Cultural Identity, Ethnic Identity, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic Studies, Social Identity, Material Culture, Household Archaeology, Romano-British, Byzantine, Migration Period view

This link takes you to a nice coin portrait of Priscus Attalus, along with other excellent images of personalities from our period.

Priscus Attalus, Ancient rome, Late Roman, Roman coins, Roman empire, Byzantine, Emperors, Decline and Fall view
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