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This podcast gives you a brief introduction to the course from your tutor, Dr. Steve Kershaw.

Ancient rome, Decline and Fall, Rome, Goths, Barbarians, The Caesars, Christianity, Early Christian view
Document ‘…all Altars [should] be taken down and clear removed even unto the foundation’: Edmund Grindal. Social and political doublethink in the Puritan movement by Craig Paterson

The purpose of this article is to consider the English Reformation, particularly within the late sixteenth century, from an interdisciplinary...

Reformation, Early modern, Christianity, puritan, memorial view
Document Christ in the everyday nineteenth-century experience: examining a collection of daily prayers and a painting of Jesus by Celia Jarvis

John Keble and William Holman Hunt produced work at the bookends of a century renowned for its scientific and industrial progress. Both men,...

William Holman Hunt, Pre-raphaelite, Victorian Culture, Christianity, Faith view

A map showing the Roman Empire after Diocletian's reforms.



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Ancient rome, Diocletian, Dominate, Late Roman, Roman empire, Roman Britain, Christianity, Early Christian view
Image collection The Arch of Constantine. North side, The Arch of Constantine. South side, Trajanic elements - Dacian prisoners (left and right), Trajanic elements - end panel, Trajanic elements - end panel, Trajanic elements - arch panel, Trajanic elements - arch panel, Hadrianic elements. North face roundels - hunting & sacrifice, Hadrianic elements. North face roundels - hunting & sacrifice, Lion roundel detail, Hadrianic elements. South face roundels - hunting & sacrifice, Hadrianic elements. South face roundels - hunting & sacrifice, Marcus Aurelius elements. Adventus; Profectio, Marcus Aurelius elements. Distibution of money; Surrender, Marcus Aurelius elements. Barbarian captives, Marcus Aurelius elements. Adlocutio; sacrifice, Constantinian elements. The inscription, Constantinian elements. Constantine's army leaves Mediolanum. Above - roundel with the Sun god, Constantinian elements. Siege of Verona (detail), Constantinian elements. Battle of the Milvian (Mulvian) Bridge (detail), Constantinian elements. Constantine enters Rome victorious. (Above) Moon goddess, Constantinian elements. Constantine addresses the people, Constantinian elements. Constantine distributes money to the people

These images give views and details of the Arch of Constantine at Rome.

Arch of Constantine, Constantine, Late Roman, Roman architecture, Roman art, Early Christian, Christianity, trajan, Marcus Aurelius, Hadrian, Dacia, Hunting, Sacrifice, Spolia, Marcomanni, Quadi, Adventus, Profectio, Adlocutio, Epigraphy, Instictu Divinitatis, Sol Invictus, Congiarum view
Image collection Constantine, Constantine, Constantine, Constantine, Constantine

These over-life-size statues of Constantine are currently displayed in the Capitoline Museum, Rome.

Constantine, Late Roman, Roman art, Ancient rome, Portraiture, Early Christian, Christianity, Emperors view

This link takes you to the works of Rufinus in translation.

Rufinus, Late Roman, Roman empire, Late Antiquity, Ancient rome, Ancient history, Christianity, Early Christian view
Link The Early Middle Ages, 284–1000

A Yale University course in 22 lectures by Paul Freedman, covering the major political, social and religious history of Western Europe and the...

Western Europe, Byzantium, Roman empire, Monasticism, Charlemagne, Islam, Islamic civilisation, Vikings, Christianity view
Link Foundations of Theology

A complete online course on the foundations of Christian theology by Notre Dame University.

Biblical theology, Christian Theology, Theology, Christianity view
Link PUPIENUS (238 CE)

This link takes you to a coin of Pupienus in the British Museum. You will find other useful links and information about him on the BM's website...

Ancient rome, Rome, Numismatics, Late Roman, Roman coins, Roman empire, Christianity, Early Christian, Pupienus view
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