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Church history

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This link takes you to a translation of Ambrose's Letters

Ambrose of Milan, Church history, Ancient rome, Roman empire, Early Christian, Christianity, Late Roman, Epistolography view

This link takes you to a translation of Ammianus Marcellinus.

Ammianus Marcellinus, Ancient rome, Late Roman, Roman empire, Early Christian, Ancient history, Church history view
Link Ancient and Medieval Church History

Complete Online course in early Church history from Covenant Theological Seminary.

Church history, History view
Link Calvin's Institutes

A complete online course on John Calvin's classic theological treatise: The Institutes of the Christian Religion by Covenant Theological Seminary...

Calvinism, Church history view
Link Cambridge Journals

A wide variety of scholarly journals relating to Church History from Cambridge University Press

Church history view
Link Church plans on-line, 1818 - 1982


The archive of the Incorporated Church Building Society which includes over 15,000 files relating to applications by...

Ecclesiastical History, Church history, Church architecture, 19th century, 20th century, Architectural plans, Buildings, History view
Link Clergy of the Church of England, 1540-1835

Makes available and searchable the principal records of clerical careers from over 50 archives in England and Wales with the aim of providing...

Genealogy, Ecclesiastical History, Church history, 19th century, 18th century, 17th century, 16th century, Early modern, History view
Link Early Church History

A collection of 10,000+ articles and out of print books dealing with Early Church History

Church history, History view

This link takes you to a translation of Eusebius' Chronicon.

Eusebius, Ancient history, Roman empire, Ancient rome, Late Roman, Rome, Decline and Fall, Transformation of the Roman Empire, Church history, Ecclesiastical History, Christianity view

This link takes you to a translation of Eusebius' Church History.

Eusebius, Church history, Ecclesiastical History, Late Roman, Roman empire, Ancient history, Early Christian, Emperors, Decline and Fall, Transformation of the Roman Empire view
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