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Cold War

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Document Alexander Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Short extracts from Solzhenitsyn's seminal novel for criticism and review.

Stalin, Russian, 1950s, Cold War view
Link John F. Kennedy's Speeches 1961-63

One of the keys to John F Kennedy's hold on the American people was his ability to deliver powerful speeches, especially in televised addresses to...

Twentieth century, Cold War, 1960s, JFK, History view
Document Key timeline Russia and the Rise of Stalin

Some key dates and themes on the USSR and Stalin's Rise to Power

Stalin, Russian Revolution, Cold War view
Link Maps of Germany 1945-58

A series of maps showing the political development of Germany in the years following defeat in the Second World War and during the early years of...

Cold War, Twentieth-century, West Germany, East Germany, Berlin, History view
Link The Berlin wall

A description of the entire history of the Berlin wall from 1961 when it was first erected until the wall began to be dismantled in 1989. It...

Twentieth-century, Berlin, Cold War, West Germany, East Germany, History view
Link The Final Days of the Soviet Union 1991

The events of August 1991 led to the Soviet Union, and President Gorbachev, being consigned to the history books.

Malcolm Brinkworth, a BBC...

Soviet Union, Cold War, Twentieth century, Gorbachev, History view
Document unit 8 war & the special relationship

Churchill on Anglo-US relations and the threat to come

Inter-War years, Second World War, Cold War view
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