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Link American political thought

Full course with audio lectures, lecture notes, readings, video lectures etc.. It studies writings and speeches, covering a wide selection of...

Political philosophy, Politics, John Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau, Montesquieu, Government, Equality, Democracy, Colonialism, Capitalism view
Document Botany as a Colonial Discourse? The Case of Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles by Eliza Gleeson

Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles is best known as the founder of Singapore. Less well known is that he was a distinguished amateur naturalist...

East India Company, Raffles, botany, Colonialism view
Document Cacao and colonialism: examining the intersection between science and commerce in the life and work of Sir Hans Sloane by Sarah Gray Isenberg

Sir Hans Sloane, who would become the founder of the British Museum, sourced his early knowledge of natural history from Jamaica, acquired during...

Colonialism view
Document Monumental Imperialism in Ceylon: Celebrating Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee and the Copying of the Sigiriya Frescoes in 1897 by Nishantha de Silva

Abstract: Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897 likely marked the apogee of the British Empire and was widely celebrated throughout her...

19th century, Victorian Culture, Colonialism, British empire, Ceylon, Sri Lanka, Statue, Sigiriya, George Wade, HCP Bell view
Document Persuasive landscapes: representations of Victoria Falls and colonial migration in the mid-nineteenth century by Chala Dodds

This article studies the representations of Victoria Falls through David Livingstone’s descriptions in Missionary Travels and Researches in South...

Colonialism view
Document Romantic Prophecy: how J. M. W. Turner and Percy Bysshe Shelley used portrayals of North Africa to foreshadow the fall of the British Empire by Hallam Bullock

The region of North Africa was described by Michel Foucault as a 'heterotopia': a physical site in which diverse and ambiguous liniments of time...

Percy Bysshe Shelley, Joseph Mallord William Turner, Colonialism, British empire view
Document The Destructive Myth of the Juggernaut: Exploring Representations of the Rath Jatra Festival in Early Nineteenth-Century Art and Literature by Amy Jones

This article compares two near-contemporary depictions of the cart transporting the Hindu god Jagannatha (or Jaga-Nath, Juggernaut) during the...

Long 19th century, Colonialism, East India Company, Robert Southey view
Document The Power behind the Pearl by Dana MacMillan

This article will focus on two sixteenth-century portraits of powerful men adorned with pearls, with both works connected by...

Elizabethan, Portraits, Colonialism view
Document ‘Kind words from a distant friend are the most precious of all gifts’: manifesting colonial power under the guise of ‘gift’, from India to Iraq by Nesma Shubber

Beyond mere expressions of sentimentality or altruism, gifts are mechanisms of exchange providing sociological and anthropological insights into...

Colonialism view
Document ‘The ign’rant present’s all’: acts of listening and silencing in early colonial New South Wales by James Bonney

This study excavates divergent approaches to the British colonial project by analysing two artefacts created by British colonial officials living...

Colonialism view
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