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Link Human Sciences Symposium 2011: The Impact of Exceptional Early Cognitive Environments on Musical Development

This presentation by Prof. Adam Ockelford was delivered at the 2011 Human Sciences Symposium on The Musical Brain held on 26 February in Oxford....

Music, Anthropology, Cognition, Communication view
Link Human Sciences Symposium 2011: The Musical Brain - Opening Presentation

On 26 February 2011, the Human Sciences Symposium focused on the The Musical Brain and the links between music, evolution and human psychology....

Music, Evolution, Cognition, Communication, Anthropology view
Link Informal Logic

Peer-reviewed, open access journal, devoted to research on topics relating to reasoning and argumentation in theory and practice.

Reason, Argument, Rhetoric, Communication, Linguistics view
Link Introduction to Psychology Course by the Saylor Foundation

This is a link to an online, introductory course which presents the fundamental principles of psychology. It begins with a short overview of the...

Psychology, nature, nurture, nature-nurture debate, memory, Cognition, Communication, neurospsychology, Introduction, introduction to psychology, Learning, sensation, Perception, development, adolescence, psychopathology view
Link Philosophy of film

Full course with lecture notes, assignments, video lectures etc.. It introduces the philosophical analysis of film art.

Aesthetics, Appearance and reality, Visual effects, Meaning, Communication view
Link Using a computer for academic study.

This resource will help you assess the benefits of information technology and examine strategies for evaluating information.
It also...

Communication, internet resources, IT, ICT view
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