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Link Composing with Computers I (Electronic Music Composition)

This class explores sound and what can be done with it. Sources are recorded from students' surroundings - sampled and electronically generated (...

Music, Composition, Computers view
Link Music and Technology: Algorithmic and Generative Music

This course examines the history, techniques, and aesthetics of mechanical and computer-aided approaches to algorithmic music composition and...

Music, Composition, Computers, Algorithms view
Link Minds and machines

Full course with lecture notes, assignments etc.. It introduces central problems in the philosophy of mind, including issues such as the nature of...

Philosophy of mind, Brain, Mind, Computers view
Course History of Mathematics from Euclid to Wiles

This course will look at key developments and key figures in the creation of mathematics. The course will commence with a look at Greek...

Computers, Computing, History of science view
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