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David Hume

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Document 'Of the Original Contract': Outline (Handout 7)

An attempt to summarise the essay.

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Document David Hume, 'On the Standard of Taste'

Passages essential for the assignment are marked in bold.

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Document Fifth coursework sheet

Questions and background information for 'Of Civil Liberty', 'Of Passive Obedience', and 'Of Parties in General'.

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Document First coursework sheet

A page with some questions about the readings for the second meeting ('Of the Delicacy of Taste and Passion', 'Of Simplicity and Refinement in...

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Document Fourth coursework sheet

Leading questions and some background for 'Of Superstition and Enthusiasm' and 'Of Suicide'.

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Document Further Analysis of OC 32-7 (Handout 9)

More background on passages in 'Of the Original Contract' (paras. 32-7).

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Document Hume, First Enquiry I ('Of the Different Species of Philosophy')

Further reading B linked to Handout 4.

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Document Hume, First Enquiry XI ('Of Providence and of a Future State')

Further reading linked with handout 6. (Hume changed the title for the 'Enquiry'.)

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Document Hume, First Enquiry XII ('Of the Sceptical or Academical Philosophy')

Further reading C linked to Handout 4.

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Document Hume, Treatise 1.4.7 ('Conclusion of this Book')

Further reading D linked with Handout 4.

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