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Document The Future in the Instant: How Jacobean attitudes to the supernatural were shaped and reflected in popular print and early modern drama, with specific reference to Browne’s A New Almanacke and Prognostication and Shakespeare’s Macbeth by Sharon O'Connor

This article explores a prevalent discourse of the supernatural in Jacobean England including James I’s influence on cultural assumptions, as seen...

supernatural, Jacobean, Early modern, Superstition, Shakespeare, almanac view
Document ‘…all Altars [should] be taken down and clear removed even unto the foundation’: Edmund Grindal. Social and political doublethink in the Puritan movement by Craig Paterson

The purpose of this article is to consider the English Reformation, particularly within the late sixteenth century, from an interdisciplinary...

Reformation, Early modern, Christianity, puritan, memorial view
Document The Hermaphrodite King: Polysemy and the failure of unity in William Davenant and Inigo Jones’ Salmacida Spolia by Debbie Hicks

This article interrogates the presentation of monarchy in Salmacida Spolia, a court masque staged during the escalating political turmoil that...

court masque, Charles I, Early modern, Inigo Jones, William Davenant view
Document Arms and the Man by Marie Harrison

Weaponry and military equipment often has a role that extends beyond the merely functional. Through a juxtaposition of Shakespeare’s...

weaponry, Early modern, Shakespeare, rapier, British culture view
Document Early modern women’s letter writing viewed through the lenses of portraiture and dramatic text by Deborah Richards

This essay will explore the epistolary activity of early modern women through the media of portraiture and dramatic text. It will...

Early modern view
Document Bensalem’s Legal System by Francis Bacon (New Atlantis) and James I (True Law): Representations of God, kingship, knowledge and peace by Andres Font Galarza

This paper compares Bensalem's legal system in Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis with James I’s True Law tract. Whilst differing in form – fiction and...

Francis Bacon, Early modern, James I, Jacobean view
Document The Making of English Slave Iconography: Emerging xenophobia toward black Africans in the coat of arms of Sir John Hawkins (1568) and Ben Jonson’s The Masque of Blackness (1605) by Daniel Jan Evans

This article will investigate the developing representations of black Africans during the Tudor and early Stuart periods. The presence of Africans...

Early modern, Tudor, court masque, Ben Jonson, xenophobia, slavery, emblems view
Document A Picture of Pageantry and the Arches of Triumph: dramatic, visual, and literary representations of James I and the new Stuart dynasty through Thomas Dekker’s account of the 1604 Royal Entry and Stephen Harrison’s design for its setting by M Castelletti

Focussing on the printed account of Thomas Dekker’s ‘The Magnificent Entertainment’ and the arches designed by architect Stephen Harrison (...

socio-political, pageant, Early modern view
Document Unica Semper Avis: The role of emblems in Elizabethan culture, using the Phoenix as a case study in Nicholas Hilliard’s Phoenix portrait and in the Chequers ring by Mariona Ponce Bochaca

The iconic image of Queen Elizabeth I was an essential part of her authority. The myth of the Virgin Queen was deliberately created to divert the...

Elizabeth I, Elizabethan, emblems, Nicholas Hilliard, phoenix, Early modern view
Document Fashioning Statements of Sovereignty and Self: The Language of Gloves in Early Modern Elite Society by Jane Rae

Building on the work of scholars who have turned to the glove as a valuable primary object to study, this paper considers two artefacts: Mary...

Early modern, gloves, Elizabeth I view
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