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Link An Enquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith 1776

The Wealth of Nations is one of the earliest attempts by the Scottish academic Adam Smith to describe the structure of the early industrialising...

Economics, Political economy, Eighteenth Century, Adam Smith, Industrial Revolution, History view
Link Davos 2012: The Global Economic Outlook

You tube video discussion amongst economics at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2012.

Global Economic Outlook 2012, Davos, Economics view
Link Economic Crises

Introduction to concerns regarding medium term macroeconomic volatility with a specific emphasis on the role of the assets market.

Economic crisis, Economy, Economics view
Link Economics and Psychology

The course integrates psychological insights with economic models of behaviour. This helps in uderstanding the limitations of economic models of...

Economics, Developmental biology, Psychology view
Link Environmental Philosophy

Full course with lecture notes, assignments, readings etc.. Perspectives and results from various disciplines are brought together in order to...

Ecology, Value theory, Economics, Thermodynamics, Environmental ethics view
Link Financial Markets

Lecture series on risk management methodology in today’s society and the contributions of Behavioural Finance. Online Video lecture with...

Analysis, Analytical skills, Economics, Mathematics, Lectures, Online course view
Link International Economics

2nd Year undergraduate level course in which students study international trade theory, policy and international finance. Course includes audio...

Economics, Online course, Capitalism, Lecture series view
Link introduction to Economic Analysis

Online 1st year undergraduate textbook on Economic Analysis covering Microeconomics.

Analysis, Analytical skills, Economics, Microeconomics view
Link Introduction to Economics

You Tube video with a basic introduction to Economics presented by the Khan Academy.

Economics, Adam Smith view
Link Introduction to Economics

Introductory audio lectures in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics given by J.Bradford De Long, UC Berkeley.

Analysis, Analytical skills, Economics, Economy, Online course, podcasting view
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