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eighteenth century history

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Document A Nation in Danger? The New World fears for the Old

The theme of the potential dangers of a second wave revolution was also picked up on in America – whose own revolution was far more consistently...

1789, French Revolution, eighteenth century history, george washington view
Document A Nation in Embryo? Paine on Freedom & Tyranny

These extracts, from the first in a series of pamphlets written by Thomas Paine between 1776 and 1783, really illustrate Paine's political...

American Revolution, Georgian Britain, Thomas Paine, eighteenth century history, common sense, 1776 view
Document Birth of an Icon?

George III’s reputation remained intact and even enhanced in the last few years of his life despite or even because of his total absence from...

king george III, eighteenth century history, Georgian Britain, Monarchy view
Link British Caricatures & the French Revolution

This link takes you to an excellent French website with a wide selection of English caricatures of the French Revolution including several by...

eighteenth century history, French Revolution, Terror, James Gillray, Paris Commune, 1792 view
Document Contemporary Views on Paine

And here two contrasting contemporary views on Paine, from very different ends of the political spectrum.

Georgian Britain, eighteenth century history, Thomas Paine, The rights of man view
Document Free-born Britons in America? Connecticut Resolutions, 1765

Contemporary American documents from: The Avalon Project, Yale Law School

These extracts give us a great insight into the mindset of...

American Revolution, Georgian Britain, Stamp act, free-born englishman, eighteenth century history view
Document Local Government & Volunteering

Two documents related to Local Government and its role in Volunteer movements, both from Birmingham - something of a hot bed of local politics...

Georgian Britain, revolutionary war, volunteers, eighteenth century history, middle classes view
Document Pamphlets & Patriotism

Loyalist propaganda was carefully targeted at times to appeal to specific groups or interests. In these two examples History & Gender appear...

eighteenth century history, pamphlets, loyalism, patriotism view
Document Redefining Politics & the Role of the King

Earlier attitudes to the King, and indeed politics itself, began to rapidly change however in the 1790s, with fears about the rise of French...

king george III, william pitt, toryism, eighteenth century history, Georgian Britain view
Image collection satire on the King

This Gillray print is one of many which satirised the King in the 1790s, on this occasion rather mockingly referrring to his widely imagined...

eighteenth century history, king george III, James Gillray, caricature, Georgian Britain view
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