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Link Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

A regularly updated, accessible, refereed, scholarly encyclopedia containing many articles on major concepts, figures and branches of philosophy....

epistemology, ethics view
Link Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Peer-reviewed, scholarly, but very readable and accessible resource, containing articles on major areas and topics of philosophy.

History of philosophy, Metaphysics, epistemology, Philosophical traditions, Logic, Philosophy of science, ethics, Value theory view
Link Hofling et al.'s (1966) Study of Obedience on SimplyPysychology

Summary of Hofling et al.'s (1966) hospital study of obedience, as presented on the SimplyPsychology site by Saul McLeod, a Psychology Lecturer at...

Psychology, social, psychosocial, obedience, ethics view
Link Kant's Categorical Imperative

An episode of In Our Time (BBC, 21.9.2017), where M. Bragg discusses Kant's moral philosophy with A. Hills, D. Oderberg, and J. Callanan (43 mins...

Kant, ethics view
Link Literature and Ethical Values, Fall 2002

Full course with readings, syllabus, assignments etc.. It explores ethical concepts and implications of actions and commitments by studying texts...

ethics, Philosophy and literature, Morality, Virtue, Responsibilty, Politics, Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles, Shakespeare, Euripides, Ibsen, Dostoevsky, Dante, JS Mill, George Bernard Shaw, Conrad, Herman Melville view
Link Islamic Perspective: the Pursuit of Happiness

A lecture by Seyyed Hossein Nasr on Happiness and the Attainment of Happiness, part of a series where prominent speakers from different religious...

Islam, Religion, ethics, Sufism, Happiness, Heaven and hell, Felicity view
Link Psychological Research, Obedience & Ethics - Open University Tutorial

This is a short tutorial on Psychological Research, Obedience & Ethics. It is an adapted extract from the Open University course "Discovering...

ethics, Psychology, Milgram, Thornton, Matsuzawa, chimpanzees, meerkats, non-human participants, participants, research, social psychology view
Link Digital Edition of Kant's Works (in German)

All the 23 volumes of the Akademie Ausgabe for reading online.

Kant, ethics view
Link Problems of Philosophy

Full course with lecture notes, assignments etc.. Introduces a range of fundamental issues including the problem of evil, free will, induction and...

Free will, Problem of evil, Induction, Personal identity, Moral luck, Famine, ethics view
Link Bioethics, Spring 2009

Full course with syllabus, readings, assignments, downloadable study guides and handouts.

Euthanasia, Killing, ethics, Assisted suicide, Abortion, Genetic engineering, Health care view
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