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Link Historical Maps of Europe 1AD to 2000

A series of historical maps covering two thousand years which show the complicated political development of Europe and the boundaries of states....

Historical Maps, Europe, History view
Link Introduction to Prehistory in Britain

This course covers the period from the end of the last ice age (c.9500 BCE) to the British Iron Age. It begins with an introduction to Archaeology...

Prehistory, Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Landscape, sites, artefacts, Britain, Europe view
Link What is heritage?

An introduction to heritage studies. This learning unit introduces the concept of heritage and its critical study, exploring the role of heritage...

World, Europe, Britain, heritage, public archaeology, cultural heritage, national heritage, Material Culture view
Link Lacus Curtius

Informative and wide-ranging website on Roman antiquity, including a photosampler of Roman and Etruscan cities and monuments (with a very large...

Roman, Classical, sites, Text, monuments, Architecture, Sculpture, coins, Rome, Italy, Europe view
Link Archaeology of Medieval and Tudor Britain

The aim of this course is to provide a broad understanding of the archaeology of Britain in the period c. 1066-1600.

Medieval, Britain, Tudor, Post-Medieval, Europe view
Link Arthur Evans Archive (Knossos excavations)

The archive consists of the archaeological records and papers of Sir Arthur Evans. A large part of these relate to his excavations at the Bronze...

Greek, Europe, sites, artefacts, Prehistory, Bronze Age, Minoan, Classical, Architecture view
Link Lectures on twentieth century Europe

A series of sixteen lectures concerning key topics of twentieth century European history provided by Florida Atlantic University and Meredith...

Twentieth-century, Europe, Modernism, Intellectual history, History view
Link The Viking Age: England and Francia

Scandinavians, popularly known as Vikings, began to explore and settle in Europe from the ninth century. They have long had a reputation as...

Vikings, Britain, Europe view
Link World Heritage

This learning unit provides an overview of World Heritage, its political and cultural origins and the role of UNESCO and other agencies in...

heritage, World, Europe, Britain, public archaeology, cultural heritage, national heritage, Material Culture view
Link PompeiiinPictures

A complete photographic plan of ancient Pompeii as it is today, produced by Jackie and Bob Dunn.

Europe, Roman, Pompeii, Architecture, Painting view
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