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Link "Industrial/Organizational Psychology" - Online Course by The Saylor Foundation

This is a link to an online course which introduces the topics of industrial/organizational psychology, or the application of psychological...

Psychology, industrial psychology, organizational psychology, organisational psychology, I/O psychology, workplace, psychology in the workplace, Employment, recruitment, Evaluation, employee, satisfaction, motivation, commitment, leadership, groups, teams view
Link Lectures on Human Capital

A series of video lectures given by the Nobel Prize winning Economist, Gary Becker of the University of Chicago which evaluates the theory of...

Human Capital, Economics, Analysis, Evaluation view
Link Quantum Microeconomics

Introductory, non-mathematics based book on Microeconomics. Fully downloadable book in PDF format, can be changed.

Analysis, Concepts, Evaluation, Microeconomics view
Document Sesame Project Baseline tutor survey

Questions from the Sesame Project baseline tutor survey

Evaluation, OER view
Document Sesame Project Final Tutor Survey

Questions from the Sesame Project final tutor survey

OER, Evaluation view
Course Sesame project outputs

Outputs from the Sesame Project

OER, Evaluation view
Document Sesame Project Pilot Student Survey

Survey questions to students on the first pilot of the Sesame project

OER, Evaluation view
Document Sesame Project Pilot Tutor Survey

Survey questions issued to tutors on the first pilot of the Sesame project.

OER, Evaluation view
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