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Course Africa: Cradle Of Humanity

As Charles Darwin rightly predicted, Africa is the cradle of humanity, not only of our own species but also of the very first members of our...

Africa, Archaeology, behavior, Evolution, hominin view
Link Evolution and philosophy:is there progress and direction in evolution?

A learning module that enquires into teleological explanations.

Evolution, Darwinism, Teleology view
Link Human Sciences Symposium 2011: The Musical Brain - Opening Presentation

On 26 February 2011, the Human Sciences Symposium focused on the The Musical Brain and the links between music, evolution and human psychology....

Music, Evolution, Cognition, Communication, Anthropology view
Link Life in the Palaeozoic

A course from the Open University that will introduce you to the explosion of evolution that took place during the Palaeozoic era. You will look...

Evolution, Fossils view
Link Natural History Museum, London

Short articles, illustrations, videos, external links.  Find geology topics under rocks and minerals, fossils, evolution, natural disasters.

Rocks, Minerals, Fossils, Evolution, Climate, oceans view
Link Practising science: reading the rocks and ecology

An Open University course  to help students determine where rocks have come from and how they were made. It also examines the processes involved...

Rocks, Evolution view
Link The nature of human beings and the question of their ultimate origin

A three-way discussion and debate between the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, Prof. Richard Dawkins and Sir Anthony Kenny, recorded at...

Science, Humanities, Philosophy, Theology, God, Religion, Evolution view
Link Your Planet Earth

A series of powerpoint presentations designed for schoolteachers, but also suitable for adults studying introductory geology. This is part of an...

Volcanoes, Dinosaurs, Natural hazards, Plate tectonics, Climate change, Oil and gas, Geological time, Rocks, Minerals, Ice ages, History of life, Evolution view
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