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Formal logic

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Document Additional Note: 'Unless' and Precedence

A further explanation of how to formalise 'unless', and comments about precendence and the importance of brackets.

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Document Additional Note: Clarifying the Rules for Trees

Further explanation of the puzzle we noted in the sixth class.

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Document Exercises 1

Arguments, Soundness and Validity.

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Document Handout 7: Propositional Logic IV

Testing validity with the syntactical method; natural deduction.

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Document Handout 15: Modal Logic

Sketch of modal logic, possible worlds, the de re/de dicto distinction.

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Document Exercise 4, 6c (Additional Note 4)

On the question whether every formula in a natural deduction needs to be used.

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Document Worksheet: Grammar and Translations (Solutions)

The solutions for the worksheet we used in the second session.

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Document Worksheet: Trees (Solutions)

Solutions for the worksheet we used (in part) during the fifth meeting.

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Document Handout 1: Logic, the 'Art of Thinking'

Introduction to the course. Remarks on validity.

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Document Worksheet: Practice QL and QL= (Solutions)

Suggested Solutions for the worksheet we used in the ninth meeting.

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