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Document Pockets Of Identity: Nineteenth-Century Women’s Pockets In Lady Audley’s Secret And A Fashion Plate From The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine, Deirdre A. Duffy

Copious nineteenth-century novels feature women’s fashion as more than passing references or descriptive details for the sake of imagery. In fact...

19th century, Gender, Sexuality view
Document ‘Crossing borders of representation’: Intersections of race, class and gender in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s ‘Jenny’ and William Holman Hunt’s The Afterglow in Egypt, Illona Meyer

This paper considers the intersection of issues of race, class and gender in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s ‘Jenny’ and William Holman Hunt’s The...

race, Gender, Pre-raphaelite view
Document Transgressive Wives: Representations of married women in Victorian popular culture by Lauren Magilton

This article will explore two representations of women as wives from the mid-nineteenth century. Wilkie Collins’ Armadale (1864)...

Victorian Culture, Gender, 19th century view
Document Between The Spheres: Breaking The Boundary Between Private And Public Spheres In Wilkie Collins’s The Woman In White And William Holman Hunt’s The Lady Of Shalott, Alison Westwood

The nineteenth-century notion of a public sphere for male-authored content and a private sphere for female-authored content made the female diary...

19th century, Gender, Sexuality view
Document The Female Artist in the mid-Victorian Period: Emily Mary Osborn’s Nameless and Friendless (1857) and the 1859 Petition to the Royal Academy, Adrienne McKenna

The 1857 painting by Emily Mary Osborn titled ‘Nameless and Friendless’ and the 1859 petition to the Royal Academy to provide tuition to female...

Victorian Culture, Gender, Art, 19th century view
Document Female Self-determination in Victorian Britain: Finding the parellels between Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Lady Audley's Secret (1862) and Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Proserpine (1874) by Sez Maxted

The gender history of nineteenth-century Britain can be seen as a gradual but determined female challenge against an overarching...

Victorian Culture, Gender, 19th century view
Document 'Shades Of Meaning': The Significance Of Hair Colour In Braddon's Lady Audley's Secret (1862) And Rossetti's Lady Lilith (1866–68, Altered 1872–73), Jessica Lenihan

In a culture obsessed with physiognomy, where the Victorian female body was a canvas of symbols to be read, the portrayal of hair – and...

Social history, Gender, Sexuality, 19th century view
Document The English Tea-Table: The Domestic Feminisation Of An Exotic Commodity, From The Arrival Of Tea In England circa 1660 To 1760, Maggie Henderson-Tew

‘Along with air and water, tea is the most widely-consumed substance on the planet.’1 This rather startling statement underlines the position of...

tea, Gender, Furniture view
Document ‘Unsex Me Here’1: Mythical women and the threat of the femme fatale in the Victorian era, as seen in John Singer Sargent’s Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth (1889) and Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s ‘Body’s Beauty’ (c.1866), Kathryn Waters

This article will consider depictions of two different mythical women in the Victorian period, namely the characters of Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth...

Victorian Culture, Pre-raphaelite, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 19th century, Gender view
Document The Development Of The Dinner Suit And Depictions Of Formalwear In William Quiller Orchardson’s Mariage De Convenance, George Taylor

Scottish Artist William Quiller Orchardson (1832-1910) depicted numerous high-society scenes, and clothing is a central feature of these works....

Social history, Gender, Sexuality, 19th century view
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