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George III

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Link British Library Georgian Britain site

Discover prints, drawings and documents, as well as informative articles, which delve into the lives of the Georgians.

Georgian Britain, Georgian, George III view
Link Edmund Burke

Radio Broadcast on Edmund Burke and his legacy (BBC Radio)

1776, 1789, Georgian Britain, George III, American Independence, French Revolution, Edmund Burke view
Audio Quiz 2, Dates & Places - Answers

Answers to second quiz for Monarchy and Revolution 1625-1815 course.

English Civil War, Charles I, Cromwell, Lord North, George III, American Revolution, Robespierre, French Revolution, Napoleon view
Link Tom Paine

Essay on Thomas Paine and his legacy (BBC)

1776, 1789, 18th century, Thomas Paine, George III, Georgian Britain, American Revolution, common sense view
Image collection Wedgwood and his Greek influences, AEGR's dedication plate

Baron d'Hancarville's AEGR, published between 1767 and 1776, is rightly acclaimed for containing some of the most beautifil ilustrations...

Sir William Hamilton, Wedgwood, vases, Collectors, 18th century, Enlightenment, George III, Baron d'Hancarville view
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