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Georgian Britain

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Document Liberty, Licentiousness & the Law

Extracts from a Charge to a Grand Jury in 1792, illustrating the wide ranging cultural effects of French Terror - and indeed British anti-Terror...

1792, Georgian Britain, william pitt, Terror, French Revolution, Jacobinism view
Document Central Government & Volunteering

Extracts from government correspondence discussing the potential, and indeed pitfalls, of local volunteer initatives. Note the central dilemma the...

1792, Terror, volunteers, william pitt, Georgian Britain, revolutionary war view
Document Pamphlets & Hannah More

Hannah More was one of the leading contributors to the loyalist pamphlet campaign of the 1790s. This document contains an image of the front cover...

1790s, Georgian Britain, loyalism, Hannah More view
Document Queer Expression in Georgian England : Subverting Norms in the Face of Oppression by Jack Nall

At first glance, British Georgian society may have expressed rather strict codes regarding the expression of love, gender, and sexuality inherited...

Long 18th Century, Georgian Britain view
Document Nation Making, French Revolutionary Style: What is the Third Estate?

These extracts, from one of the key early pamphlets of the French Revolution, represent one of the first attempts to define the nation in a modern...

French Revolution, Georgian Britain, 1789, Third estate view
Document Loyalty & its Limits?

Two documents relating to Local Volunteer movements during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Period. Note the highly localised nature of these...

volunteers, English history, revolutionary war, Napoleonic Wars, Georgian Britain view
Document Contemporary Views on Paine

And here two contrasting contemporary views on Paine, from very different ends of the political spectrum.

Georgian Britain, eighteenth century history, Thomas Paine, The rights of man view
Document Birth of an Icon?

George III’s reputation remained intact and even enhanced in the last few years of his life despite or even because of his total absence from...

king george III, eighteenth century history, Georgian Britain, Monarchy view
Document Free-born Britons in America? Connecticut Resolutions, 1765

Contemporary American documents from: The Avalon Project, Yale Law School

These extracts give us a great insight into the mindset of...

American Revolution, Georgian Britain, Stamp act, free-born englishman, eighteenth century history view
Document Government & the Fear of 'French Principles'

A brief extract from am inter-governmental letter illustrating early British fears about the potential appeal of French-style radicalism

1792, Georgian Britain, Terror, william pitt, Government view
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