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Document Gothic Novel

Handout to accompany talk on Northanger Abbey and the Gothic Novel. Used in conjunction with the WW. Norton Norton Topics Online link provided,...

Jane Austen, The Novel, Nineteenth-century, Eighteenth - century, Women's writing, Fiction, Gothic view
Document Gothic ‘artefictions’: fabricating history in Horace Walpole’s Strawberry Hill and The Castle of Otranto, Amy Lim

Horace Walpole’s house at Strawberry Hill and his 1764 novel The Castle of Otranto are both considered landmarks in the development of...

Gothic, Walpole, 18th century view
Course Learning to Look at Western Architecture

This course is designed to enable students to ‘read’ the architecture of the Western world in a critically informed way. You will learn to...

Architecture, Classicism, Gothic, History view
Link Mysteries of Udolpho

Full text of Mysteries of Udolpho on Gutenberg

Eighteenth - century, The Novel, Fiction, Women's writing, Gothic view
Document Paper Houses: Originality, posterity, lineage and celebrity in Laurence Stern's marbled page and Horace Walpole's Strawberry Hill House by Imelda Dooley Hunter

Laurence Sterne and Horace Walpole are popularly thought of as two of the great originators of the eighteenth century – Sterne a...

Architecture, 18th century, Gothic view
Document Pathways Into Architectural History: The ‘Phases’ of English Gothic

This is a PowerPoint presentation which uses (copyright-free) photographic imagery to introduce students to some of the stylistic fundamentals of...

Architecture, Classicism, Gothic, History view
Link Romantics Unbound: A Hypertextual Learning Space

Dr. David S. Hogsette’s (New York Institute of Technology) website on the Romantics. Includes information about Romantic authors, literary genres...

Romantic, Eighteenth-century, Nineteenth-century, Gothic, Criticism view
Link Studies in Gothic Fiction

Open-access peer-reviewed journal on Gothic literature.

Gothic, Fiction, Criticism view
Course The Fall of Rome, Part 1: AD 284-376

This course forms the first part of an exploration of the history and culture of Ancient Rome in the last two centuries of the Empire in the West...

Christians, empire, Gothic, Roman view
Link The Gothic Novel

Online course on the Gothic genre.

Gothic, Drama, Poetry, Film, Fiction, Eighteenth-century, Nineteenth-century, Twentieth-century view
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