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Greek philosophy

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Link Ancient Philosophy

Full course with lecture notes, assignments, text analysis presentations and related study materials

Greek philosophy, Plato, Aristotle, Knowledge, immortality, Free will, Socrates, Matter, Soul, Virtue, Justice, Happiness, Death view
Link Islamic Philosophy Online

This is a very useful resource for Islamic philosophy, comprising a bibliography of books and articles (in English and Arabic), a dictionary of...

Islam, Islamic Philosophy, Greek philosophy, Neoplatonism, Muslim world, Kalam, Avicenna, Ghazali, Farabi, Ibn 'Arabi view
Link Perseus Digital Library

A collection of Greek and Roman resources, including texts, translations and an image database.


Greek, Olympic Games, Architecture, Classical, Rome, Roman, Greek philosophy view

The Atlantis myth is unique in the corpus of Greek mythology in that it has no antecedents, and it has no genealogical relationship to any earlier...

Plato, Plato's 'Critias', Plato's 'Kritias', Greek philosophy, Atlantis, Pseudoarchaeology, Pseudoscience, Ancient Greek view

Without Plato there would be no Atlantis. If the dialogues Timaeus (Timaios) and then the Critias (Kritias) ...

Plato, Plato's 'Timaeus', Plato's 'Timaios', Atlantis, Pseudoarchaeology, Pseudoscience, Greek philosophy view
Link Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans

An exploration of Pythagorean mathematics, including proportion, figurate numbers, the pentagram, the Golden Section and so on

Greek philosophy, Greek mathematics, Pythagoras, Pythagoreanism, Figurate numbers, Proportions, Pythagoras' Theorem, Golden section, Incommensurability, Incommensurables view
Link Pythagoras of Samos

Resource on Pythagoras,  including biography and refs./bibliog.

Pythagoras, Greek philosophy, Greek mahematics, History of mathematcs, Philosophy of mathematics view
Link Pythagoreanism

Full article on Pythagorean philosophers and Neopythagoreanism

Neopythagoreanism, Pythagoras, Pythagoreanism, Greek philosophy view
Link The philosophy of Pythagoras

Brief account of the mathematics and philosophy associated with Pythagoras

Pythagoras, Greek mathematics, Greek philosophy view
Link Zeno of Elea

Resource on Zeno of Elea, famous for his paradoxes, including biography and references/bibliography.

Zeno, paradox, Greek philosophy view
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