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This link takes you to an intuitive GIS interface enabling researchers to map and visualize textual and artefactual data relating to seventeenth...

London, 18th century, Collections, Collectors, Historical Maps, Enlightenment view
Link A map of Austria-Hungary 1887

A map of Austria-Hungary from the Reference Atlas of the World by John Bartholemew published in London in 1887.

Austria-Hungary, Nineteenth-century, Central Europe, Historical Maps, History view
Link A map of Brandenburg in the Geman Empire 1882

A map of Brandenburg, the oldest region of Prussia, which was the largest state in the German Empire in 1882. From the Blackie and Sons Atlas...

Historical Maps, Nineteenth-century Germany, Prussia, Brandenburg, German Empire, History view
Link A map of Serbia 1882

A map of the independent kingdom of Serbia in the Balkans in 1882. From the Blackie and Sons Atlas published in Edinburgh in 1882. The map shown...

Nineteenth-century, Balkans, Serbia, Historical Maps, History view
Link A map of the United States of America 1783

A map of the new republic of the United States of America in 1783 when independence from Great Britain had been secured in the revolution.

United States of America, American Revolution, Historical Maps, Eighteenth Century, History view
Link A map of western Russia 1908

A map of western Russia in 1908 from the Harmsworth Atlas and Gazetteer 1909, published in London.

Russian Empire, Twentieth-century, Historical Maps, Russian history, History view
Link A Vision of Britain Through Time

Access to hundreds of primary sources, from 1801 to the present day, including maps, statistics and historical descriptions, and many analyses of...

Historical Maps, Travel writing, Census, Election results, Victorian, 19th century, 20th century, History view
Image collection This clay map of Babylon shows the Tuba area of the city, two gateways, a section of the inner wall of the city, and a waterway fed by the River Euphrates. c. 600-500 BCE, probably from Babylon, modern Iraq. Cat. ME 35385, A clay tablet fragment giving detailed measurements of Babylon's the inner city wall, called Imgur-Enlil, at the start of Nebuchadnezzar's reign (ruled 605-572 BCE, making him contemporary with Solon, who, according to Plato's story, received the Atlantis tale from Egyptian priests). It names the Zababa and Urash Gates. From Sippur or Babylons, modern Iraq. Cat. ME 54634abylon, This clay tablet fragment dating from c.700-500 BCE records traditions from much earlier times, and refers to the Babylonian Flood Myth. The Babylonian world is shown in bird's-eye view asa disc surruonded by a ring labelled 'Bitter River' (not unlike the Greek Oceanus). The City of Babylon straddles the River Euphrates, which flows southwards through marshes into the sea. Inscribed circles indicate cities and areas within Mesopotamia in loosely accurate geographical locations., Beyond the outer edges of the known world are 8 triangular regions, which are tghe homes of strange/legendary beings. One id identified as the mountain where the Babylonian 'Ark' landed after the Great Flood. This lies across the water, far beyond the Mountain of Urartu (Ararat in the Bible) on the very rim of the world. There is no hint of Atlantis here. c.700-500 BCE, probably from Sippar, modern Irag. Cat. ME 92687, Lion from the Ishtar Gate of Babylon (the eighth gate to the inner city), c.BCE on the orders of King Nebuchadnezzar II. Pergamon Museum, Berlin, The Ishtar Gate of Babylon (the eighth gate to the inner city), c.BCE on the orders of King Nebuchadnezzar II. . These details do not appear in Herodotus' account of Babylon. Pergamon Museum, Berlin

Herodotus' History includes a memorable description of the city of Babylon, which may have had a considerable influence on Plato's...

Atlantis, Plato, Babylon, Cuneiform, Historical Maps, Greek culture, Flood myths, Iraq, Ishtar Gate, Herodotus, Nebuchadnezzar II view
Link Bible Maps

A collection of basic maps dealing with Biblical locations

Biblical archaeology, Bible Maps, Historical Maps view
Link Charles Booth on-line archive

Extensive information about social reformer Charles Booth (1840-1916) and his seminal survey into life and labour in London (1886-1903).

19th century, Victorian, Social history, Social reform, Poverty, Houses & housing, Employment, Historical Maps, Urban & metropolitan history, London, History view
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