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Document A monorhyme poem from the Diwan of Ibn 'Arabi

This poem, in Arabic and English, is an example of a particular kind of poem, known as the monorhyme, where the final word of each line is the...

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry, Ibn 'Arabi view
Document A poem on Love by Ibn 'Arabi

A poem with commentary by In 'Arabi from his Diwan, translated by Stephen Hirtenstein.

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry, Ibn 'Arabi view
Link About Ibn 'Arabi

A brief overview of the life and writings of the Sufi master, Ibn 'Arabi (1165-1240), with details of the books he wrote

Ibn 'Arabi, Sufism, Islam, Ayyubid, Seljuk, Almohad view
Link Beyond the stars: revisiting Abraham in the light of Islam

A podcast of a talk by Stephen Hirtenstein on the universal nature of the Patriarch Abraham

Abraham (patriarch), Islam, Ibn 'Arabi, Sufism, Mysticism view
Document Ibn 'Arabi's 'Tarjuman al-ashwaq'

A lecture by Jane Clark giving some background to the writing of 'The Translator of Desires' and to the poems studied in week 5 of the course.

Ibn 'Arabi view
Link Islamic Philosophy Online

This is a very useful resource for Islamic philosophy, comprising a bibliography of books and articles (in English and Arabic), a dictionary of...

Islam, Islamic Philosophy, Greek philosophy, Neoplatonism, Muslim world, Kalam, Avicenna, Ghazali, Farabi, Ibn 'Arabi view
Document Oneness of Being

An extract from William Chittick's introduction to 'Iraqi's Divine Flashes: it gives a clear exposition of the Oneness of Being and the Perfect...

Islamic mysticism, Islamic Philosophy, Ibn 'Arabi, al-Qunawi view
Document Poems from Ibn 'Arabi's Diwan

A selection of poems in English translation from the Diwan of Ibn 'Arabi - covering a variety of styles and ranging from 4 single-line poems (...

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry, Ibn 'Arabi view
Link Sufism, Sufis, Sufi orders: Sufism's many paths

An online essay by Dr Alan Godlas of the University of Georgia, introducing Sufism, the mystical or inner dimension of Islam. The work takes the...

Sufism, Islam, Ibn 'Arabi, Ghazali, Sufi orders view
Document The Diwan of Ibn 'Arabi

This is a brief introduction by Stephen Hirtenstein to the huge collection of poetry which Ibn 'Arabi wrote - not only the printed (Bulaq) edition...

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry, Ibn 'Arabi view
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