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Industrial Revolution

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Link An Enquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith 1776

The Wealth of Nations is one of the earliest attempts by the Scottish academic Adam Smith to describe the structure of the early industrialising...

Economics, Political economy, Eighteenth Century, Adam Smith, Industrial Revolution, History view
Link Coalmining history resource centre

The UK's largest and most comprehensive website concerning the history of coalmining - including a searchable database of over 164,000 recorded...

Coalmining, 18th century, 19th century, 20th century, Industrial Revolution, Industry, Historical Maps, History view
Link Grace's Guide - British Industrial History

A major source of information about industry and manufacturing in Britain from the start of the Industrial Revolution to the present time....

Engineering, Science & technology, Industrial Revolution, Industry, Manufacturing, 18th century, 19th century, 20th century, Victorian, History view
Document Industrialisation - textiles

Week 5, Women in the Industrial Revolution - textiles

womens history, work, Industrial Revolution view
Course Manufactures before the Industrial Revolution

Recent research on the population of England and Wales suggests that the country was more industrial during the early modern period than...

Manufactures, Industrial Revolution view
Link Spartacus Educational

Vast collection of short articles on many aspects of British history, with good links between subject areas.

Politics, Industrial Revolution, History view
Link Spinning the web - the story of the cotton industry

Brings together some 20,000 items from the libraries, museums and archives of North West England which tell the story of the Lancashire Cotton...

18th century, 19th century, 20th century, Industrial Revolution, Industry, Cotton, Manufacturing, History view
Link The Condition of the Working Class in England by Friedrich Engels

Friedrich Engels' famous and highly influential description of living conditions in Industrialising Manchester during the 1840s. Manchester was...

Industrial Revolution, Politics, Socialism, History view
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