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Document Introduction to Islamic Mystical Poetry 3

An overview of the course and a recap of Islamic Mystical Poetry 1 & 2

Islam, Mysticism, Poetry view
Document List of poets

A lists of all the poets studied in the series Mystical Islamic Poetry 1-6. Material from courses 2-6 can be found on open access sites.

Poetry, Mysticism, Islam view
Document Introduction to Mystical Islamic Poetry 6

An overview of the period 1390-1518 spanned by the four poets studied on this course: Hafez (d.1492); Kabir (d. 1518); Jami (d.1492); A'ishah al-B...

Mysticism, Poetry, Islam view
Document Poems Week 1a

Three poems by Hafez.

Mysticism, Poetry, Islam view
Link Islam, The Middle East and the West

A general 11-unit introduction to the study of the history of the Middle East, from the rise of Islam to the 21st century

Islam, History, Middle East, Islamic civilisation, Arab Empire, Ottoman Empire, Islamic Revolution view
Link Islam in the West: what is Sufism?

An orthodox description of modern Sufism in the UK, primarily from the traditional Asian viewpoint

Islam, Sufism, Faith view
Link Arab-Islamic History

'Arab-Islamic history' is a website that provides links to a range of online materials on Islamic history. Included are the works of scholars like...

Islam, Islamic history, Umayyad, Abbasid, Crusades, Fatimids, Mamluks, Ottoman Empire view
Link Introduction to Islam

The preface to Introduction to Islam by M. Cherif Bassiouni states that this extensive resource aims to give non-Muslims an understanding of Islam...

Islam, Sharia, Islamic history, Islamic civilisation view
Link Beyond the stars: revisiting Abraham in the light of Islam

A podcast of a talk by Stephen Hirtenstein on the universal nature of the Patriarch Abraham

Abraham (patriarch), Islam, Ibn 'Arabi, Sufism, Mysticism view
Link al-Tafsir

The al-Tafsīr website, maintained by the Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought in Jordan, provides the original Arabic of over 100...

Islam, Tafsir, Qur'an view
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