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Islamic Art

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Link Art of the Islamic World

an introduction to the Islamic artistic traditions, organised by the major dynasties under which they flourished covering a huge geographical...

Islamic Art, Islamic Architecture, Islamic civilisation, Mediterranean, Umayyad, Fatimid, Seljuk, Ayyubid, Mamluk, Safavid, Ottoman, Mughal view
Link Art of the Islamic World

Another very thorough and comprehensive overview of the topic, from the Saylor Foundation. An extensive historical timeline is covered, with...

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Link Islam and Islamic Studies resources

This website is a truly welcome presence on the Internet for its commitment to collecting and evaluating useful Internet resources on the Islamic...

Islam, Islamic history, Islamic Art, Islamic civilisation, Islamic Architecture, Sufism, Sufi poetry, Qur'an, Shi'ism, Islamic Philosophy, Islamic theology, Islamic mysticism view
Link Islamic Art and Culture – A Resource for Teachers

A splendidly illustrated historical overview of the history of Islamic art, aimed specifically at secondary level teachers – but with a wealth of...

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