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Islamic mysticism

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Document Attar poetry texts

These are selected extracts from 'Attar's most famous epic poem, The Conference of the Birds (Mantiq al-tayr): it consists of parts of the...

Sufi poetry, Islamic mysticism, Attar view
Document Kirmani poems

A selection of 4-line poems or quatrains (ruba'i) by Kirmani on different themes (repentance, Sufi path, lover and beloved, and union and the...

Kirmani, Sufi poetry, Islamic mysticism view
Document Islamic Mystical Poetry booklist

This is a booklist covering all five weeks of the course, with suggested reading for each of the four poets as well as a brief general...

Sufi poetry, Islamic mysticism view
Document Oneness of Being

An extract from William Chittick's introduction to 'Iraqi's Divine Flashes: it gives a clear exposition of the Oneness of Being and the Perfect...

Islamic mysticism, Islamic Philosophy, Ibn 'Arabi, al-Qunawi view
Document Book List 2

An updated book list including recommended general reading as well as specific lists for Ibn al-Fāriḍ and Jelāl al-dīn Rūmī.

Islamic Poetry, Islamic mysticism view
Document Nizami Ganjavi

An introduction by Jane Clark to Nizami's life and works, with notes on the approach we are taking on this course to mystical poetry, especially...

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry view
Document ʿAttar extras

Three pieces of poetry by ʿAttar, translated by different scholars, two from the Conference of the Birds and one from the Book of Secrets (Asrar-...

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry view
Document A monorhyme poem from the Diwan of Ibn 'Arabi

This poem, in Arabic and English, is an example of a particular kind of poem, known as the monorhyme, where the final word of each line is the...

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry, Ibn 'Arabi view
Document Fakhr al-din 'Iraqi: poems

A selection of some of 'Iraqi's poems in translation

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry view
Document Ghazal 2214 from Rumi's Dīwān

Two different translations of what is perhaps the most famous poem from the Dīwān.

Rumi, Ghazal, Islamic mysticism view
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