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Document Coursework 1: Preface

Leading question and some background information for Prolegomena, Preface.

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Document Teleology and Dialectic: Further Thoughts

Further notes concerning GMS I: 394–6 (teleology) and 403–5 (natural dialectic).

Kant, ethics view
Document Duties, Maxims, and the Synthetic Apriori

Further notes related to passages in GMS II.

Kant, ethics view
Document Coursework 3: General Questions, §§4–5

Background and leading questions for Prolegomena §§4–5.

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Document Reaching the End

A diagrammatic summary of GMS III §§5 and 6; the occurrence and frequency of 14 key terms of GMS visualised.

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Document Intuition, Space, Time (Handout 6)

Sketching the line of thought in Prolegomena §§6–11, and the paradox in §13.

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Document 'The Dialectic of Pure Reason' (§45) (Handout 9)

Background information about constitutive/regulative principles, the first paralogism and antinomy as examples, and the idea/ideal distinction....

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Document Course Outline and Bibliography

Course Outline and Bibliography for Philosophy of History

Philosophy of History, Historicism, Progress, Historicality, Kant, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Benjamin, Adorno, Foucault view
Document Reading the Preface

The first coursework sheet: questions and some background information relating to GMS 387–92.

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Document Course Overview (Handout 1)

The recommended edition for the course; the (rough) programme; notes on the coursework; selected resources.

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