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Document Coursework 6: The Main Transcendental Question III, §§40–60

Questions and background information for Prolegomena §§40–56. (Note: questions for §§57–60 will be included in Coursework 7.)

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Document Noumena: 'pure intelligible beings' (Handout 10)

Background information about noumena.

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Document Course Overview

Notes about the schedule, translations, coursework, and rescources.

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Document The Preface

Selective notes about the Preface of GMS.

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Document Groundwork Section II

A 4-page overview of the structure of GMS II (including a list the various formulae of the categorical imperative).

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Document Hume: 'My Sagacious Predecessor' (Handout 4)

Background information on ¶9 of the 'Preface'.

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Document Deriving the Formula of Humanity: 427.19–429.13

An attempt (with dubious success) to 'translate' and crystalise the passages leading up to FH.

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Document The First Critique and the Prolegomena (Handout 7)

A rough and ready map that links the Critique of Pure Reason with the Prolegomena, and some further background for §§23–8.

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Document Coursework 8: Solution and Appendix

Questions and some background information for the final two chapters of Prolegomena.

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Document Idealism: problematic, visionary, critical (Handout 11)

A sketch of realism and idealism, as well as Kant's version of critical idealism, with an extract from the 'Refutation of idealism' (CPR B274ff...

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