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Literary Theory

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Link Colluquy

Open-access peer-reviewed journal on literary and cultural studies.

Criticism, Literary Theory view
Link Cultural and Literary Expression in Modernity

Online course on literary and cultural modernism.

Modernism, Twentieth-century, Poetry, Fiction, Drama, Prose, Postmodernism, Literary Theory view
Link Deepika Bahri’s Postcolonialism pages

Resources on postcolonial writing and theory from Deepika Bahri (Emory University).

Postcolonial, Contemporary, Fiction, Literary Theory, Criticism view
Link Derrida and Poststructuralism

A lecture on Derrida and poststructuralism. Includes PowerPoint slides and lecture notes.

Literary Theory, Criticism view
Link Erfurt Electronic Studies in English

Open-access peer-reviewed journal on English language and literature.

Criticism, Analysis, Literary Theory, Language view
Link From Belles-Lettres to Eng-Lit: Criticism and its Publics

Lecture on the history of literary criticism by Professor Stefan Collini (University of Cambridge).

Criticism, Analysis, Literary Theory, English studies view
Link Introduction to Cultural and Literary Studies

Introductory course on textual analysis and English studies.

Analysis, Poetry, Drama, Prose, Literary Theory, Criticism, Fiction view
Link Introduction to Literary Theory

Online course on twentieth-century and contemporary literary theory.

Literary Theory, Twentieth-century, Criticism, Analysis view
Link Introduction to Postmodernism

PDF pamphlet on postmodern literature and theory.

Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commerical-ShareAlike

Fiction, Postmodernism, Literary Theory view
Link Introduction to Theory of Literature

Online course on literary theory by Professor Paul Fry (Yale University). Includes video lectures.

Literary Theory, Criticism, Analysis, Twentieth-century view
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