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Link Gottlob Frege

Full treatment of Frege's philosophy, including his logic and philosophy of mathematics

Logicism view
Link Gottlob Frege

Article on Gottlob Frege, including his contributions to logic and philosophy of mathematics

Logicism, Frege view
Link Inconsistent Mathematics

Article with some technical content

Frege, Logicism, Logic, Proof, Set theory, Geometry, Arithmetic, paradox view
Link Michael Dummett

Article on the late British philosopher; includes treatment of his work on Frege and philosophy of mathematics  

Frege, Realism, Antirealism, Logicism view
Link Principia Mathematica

Brief account of the history and significance of Russell's and Whitehead's work of formal logic 

Logicism, Russell, Whitehead, Frege view
Link Russell's Paradox

Explores Russell's paradox; includes account of Frege, type theory, classes and sets

Logicism, paradox, Russell, Frege, Type theory view
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