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Long 19th century

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Document Christianity Against Itself: Antagonism Between Russian Orthodoxy and British Anglicanism in the Crimean War by Peter Hutton

The Crimean war was fought between Russia and an alliance of Turkey, Britain and France. It started when the Russian Tsar, Nicholas I, entered...

Crimean war, Long 19th century view
Document Performing Harmonics: Representations of Domestic Music-Making in Early Nineteenth-Century England by Alexandra Cross

Domestic music-making was commonly portrayed as the essential female accomplishment of genteel Regency society, especially for those with...

Long 19th century, Jane Austen, James Gillray view
Document Red Slippers: The ‘Detection’ of Foreign Evil and the Celebration of Domestic Tradition by Jim Blankenship

Critics have habitually seen in the evil Dr Roylott a product of ‘Orientalisation’. In Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Adventure of the Speckled...

Arthur Conan Doyle, Long 19th century, John Frederick Lewis view
Document The Destructive Myth of the Juggernaut: Exploring Representations of the Rath Jatra Festival in Early Nineteenth-Century Art and Literature by Amy Jones

This article compares two near-contemporary depictions of the cart transporting the Hindu god Jagannatha (or Jaga-Nath, Juggernaut) during the...

Long 19th century, Colonialism, East India Company, Robert Southey view
Document The posthumous lives of Joseph Severn’s portrait of John Keats and the autograph manuscript of ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ by Nigel à Brassard

Abstract: When the twenty-five-year-old John Keats died, his lungs completely destroyed by consumption, it would have been entirely reasonable to...

Long 19th century, John Keats, Joseph Severn, Poet view
Document The Stamp of Life’: New Imaginative Realities in the Late Georgian Era by James Turner

The turbulent progress of natural philosophy in the late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-centuries created an intellectual landscape rife for...

Long 19th century, Mary Shelley, automaton, chess view
Document ‘Dead Paper’: The Deconstruction of Patriarchy by Nineteenth-Century Women Writers by Isabella Green

This article examines the written word as a form of liberation in the nineteenth century, centring on two artefacts which demonstrate attempts to...

Long 19th century, Charlotte Bronte, Charlotte Perkins Gilman view
Document ‘They turned me inside out / for sand and stones and grit’: Representations of Quarries and Gravel Pits in the Age of Enclosure by Alan Tate

The acceleration of the enclosure movement in England in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century marked the final transformation from...

Enclosure, Long 19th century, John Clare, John Linnell view
Document ‘Wearing my mother’s laces’: Experiential History Through Dress by Lauren Spallone

What does an altered eighteenth century dress tell us about making and remaking a dress as historiography? In recent decades, scholars have...

Long 19th century, Virginia Woolf, dress view
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