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Document Pamphlets & Hannah More

Hannah More was one of the leading contributors to the loyalist pamphlet campaign of the 1790s. This document contains an image of the front cover...

1790s, Georgian Britain, loyalism, Hannah More view
Document Pamphlets & Local Identity

Whilst many loyalist pamphlets made a general appeal to loyalty on the grounds of nationalism or patriotism, others specifically made use of local...

1803, Georgian Britain, loyalism, pamphlets view
Document Pamphlets & Patriotism

Loyalist propaganda was carefully targeted at times to appeal to specific groups or interests. In these two examples History & Gender appear...

eighteenth century history, pamphlets, loyalism, patriotism view
Document unit 8

A declaration of loyalty from a popular association, in the year war was declared

1790s, French Revolution, loyalism view
Document unit 8

Extract from a loyalist propagand tract by the popular writer and evangelist Hannah More

1790s, French Revolution, loyalism, Hannah More view
Document unit 8

Correspondence to the loyalist APLP association - with some interesting (telling?) conclusions!

1790s, French Revolution, loyalism view
Document Volunteer Songs

An extract from a Local Volunteer song, clearly designed to whip up patriotic support.

English history, volunteers, 1803, french invasion, loyalism view
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