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military history

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Link Allied propaganda posters of the First World War

A selection of forty-six posters created by the allied powers during the First World War to bolster morale during the conflict and to raise bonds...

First World War, Propaganda, military history, History view
Link Correspondence of Napoleon 1797-1815

A selection of dispatches and orders from Napoleon I during the period 1797 to 1815. The documents are in the original French and also in English...

Napoleon, military history, History, Nineteenth-century view
Link Correspondence of the Duke of Wellington 1808-1815

A series of letters and dispatches by the Duke of Wellington. The correspondence dates from the period of the peninsular wars until the end of the...

Duke of Wellington, British history, military history, History, Nineteenth-century view
Link Napoleon's Military Campaign in Russia 1812

In 1812 using a huge army consisting of both French and other European soldiers Napoleon made the dramatic decision to invade the Russian Empire....

Napoleon, Napoleonic Empire, Nineteenth-century France, Russian Empire, military history, History view
Link The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 1792-1815

A useful summary of the events of the French revolutionary and Napoleonic wars which raged in Europe between 1792 and 1815 by James Burbeck in War...

Napoleon, revolutionary war, military history, History, Nineteenth-century view
Link The Heritage Trail

Information on thousands of historic sites and buildings throughout Britain.

Abbeys, Castles, Cathedrals, Cliff railways, Industrial, Manor houses, Maritime, military history, Houses & housing, Seaside piers, Priories, Roman architecture, Saxon, Royal palaces, Stately homes, History view
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