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Audio Dove sono - extract.sib

Extract from the middle of the Countess's aria, Dove Sono, from Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro. She is in an emotional turmoil and the music...

Mus, Music, Mozart, Harmony, Chromatic view
Audio Non più andrai.sib

The opening of Non più andrai (from Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro), first as written then with apoggiaturas and then with chromatic harmony.

Music, Mozart, Harmony, Chromatic view
Link Harmony and Counterpoint II

This course explores the harmonic, melodic, and formal practices of western music, principally the so-called "Classical" idiom of central Europe,...

Music, Harmony, Counterpoint view
Link Debussy and the birth of modern music - handout (pdf format)

This is a link to the pdf version of the handout for Jonathan Darnborough's talk, Debussy and the birth of modern music, which...

Music, Music appreciation, Music theory, Piano music, Debussy view
Link The Work of Music: Music and Psychology

A talk given at Wolfson College as part of a lecture series entitled "The Work of Music". Eric Clarke is Professor of Music at the Music Faculty,...

Music, Psychology view
Link Debussy and the birth of modern music - interactive handout - page 5

This is a link to the 5th page of musical examples in the handout for Debussy and the birth of modern music. Unlike the pdf version of the handout...

Music, Music theory, Music appreciation, Debussy view
Link Human Sciences Symposium 2011: The Musical Brain - Opening Presentation

On 26 February 2011, the Human Sciences Symposium focused on the The Musical Brain and the links between music, evolution and human psychology....

Music, Evolution, Cognition, Communication, Anthropology view
Link Listening to Indian Classical Music - course materials

Downloadable resources for the course "Listening to Indian Classical Music"

Music, World music, Indian classical music, Ethnomusicology view
Link Classical Music and the Music of the Classical Era

For those new to music history, a discussion of the meaning of the term "classical music", and an introduction to the Western art music of the...

Music, Eighteenth Century view
Link The Lied and Art Song Texts Page

Contains texts and translations of many songs

Music, Lieder, songs, vocal view
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