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national identity

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Document Beef and Liberty! A comparison of English and French cuisine and the rise of English national identity in the eighteenth century by Rachel Cairnes

The rivalry between England and France is undoubtedly one of the greatest themes of the eighteenth century. For the English, the...

French Cuisine, national identity, Eighteenth - century view
Document Britons will never be slaves! Britannia and liberty as a construct of British national identity in James Thomson and Thomas Arne’s song Rule Britannia and Thomas Rowlandson’s engraving, The Contrast, 1792, British Liberty, French Liberty, Which is best?

In comparing and contrasting the song, Rule Britannia and the political print, The Contrast, 1792, British Liberty. French Liberty,...

British politics, national identity, 18th century view
Link French Declaration of Rights of Man

French Declaration of Rights (Avalon Project, Yale Law School)


1789, declaration of rights, Citizenship, national identity, European Liberalism, The rights of man view
Document On the Eve of Famine: Two Ideals of Irish Nationhood in 1842, Siobhan Frances Fallon

This article reflects on views of Irish nationhood. By the early 1840s, the effects of Union with Britain had generated in Ireland a desire for...

Irish famine, national identity, Fine arts, Newspapers view
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