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Philosophy of mathematics

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Link Ancient philosophy and mathematics

A course exploring the relation of philosophical and mathematical thought in antiquity, with topics, reading lists, a glossary of terms and...

Philosophy of mathematics, Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Reason, Argument, Truth, Proof, Rationality, Irrationality, Number, Quality, Quantity view
Link Indispensability Arguments in the philosophy of mathematics

Examines the Quine-Putnam indispensability argument, taken by many as the best argument for mathematical realism or platonism

Platonism, Realism, Philosophy of mathematics view
Link Mathematical Platonism

Full article from the I.E.P., exploring arguments for and against platonism in the philosophy of mathematics

Platonism, Realism, Philosophy of mathematics view
Link Philosophy of Mathematics

Clear, introductory survey of the history of, and current, philosophy of mathematics by Jeremy Avigad

Philosophy of mathematics view
Document Philosophy of Mathematics: essay questions, assignments

A list of standard problems and essay questions

Philosophy of mathematics view
Link Philpapers: philosophy of mathematics

Edited and continually updated resource providing details of articles on topics in the philosophy of mathematics. It is arranged in subcategories...

Philosophy of mathematics, Infinity, Ontology, epistemology, Set theory, Mathematical truth view
Link Platonism in the Philosophy of Mathematics

Clear, structured article on platonism in philosophy of mathematics

Platonism, Philosophy of mathematics, Realism view
Link Pythagoras of Samos

Resource on Pythagoras,  including biography and refs./bibliog.

Pythagoras, Greek philosophy, Greek mahematics, History of mathematcs, Philosophy of mathematics view
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