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Plato's 'Theaetetus'

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Document A Map of Theaetetus

A rough and ready overview of the dialogue.

Plato, Plato's 'Theaetetus' view
Document Five (More) Arguments Against D1

Sketches of the more sustantial arguments against D1 between 170 and 186.

Plato, Plato's 'Theaetetus' view
Document From D1 to D2

Two pages of background information for Theaetetus 186–191, including a worksheet for the first two puzzles about false judging.

Plato, Plato's 'Theaetetus' view
Link Heraclitus

Encyclopedia entry about Heraclitus by D. W. Graham.

Plato, Plato's 'Theaetetus', Heraclitus view
Document Introducing Plato

The slides from our first meeting.

Plato, Plato's 'Theaetetus' view
Document Is Socrates' Irony Ironical?

An attempt to clarify irony and eironeia.

Plato, Plato's 'Theaetetus' view
Document Notes on the First Definition

Remarks on Theaetetus' first definition, Protagoras and Heraclitus (Tht 151-160).

Plato, Plato's 'Theaetetus' view
Link Parmenides

Encyclopedia entry about Parmenides (see Theaetetus 180e, 183e) by J. Palmer.

Plato, Plato's 'Theaetetus', Parmenides view
Document Perception (153d-154a, 156a-157c)

Clarificatory notes on the noted passages, in relation to our discussion in the third meeting.

Plato, Plato's 'Theaetetus' view
Link Plato on Knowledge in the Theaetetus

An excellent entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy by S.-G. Chappell.

Plato, Plato's 'Theaetetus' view
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