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Document Possession and the Apostrophe

How to use an apostrophe to indicate possession.

Creative Writing, Poetry, Prose, Grammar, Apostrophe view
Document Viewpoint - An Introduction

A basic introduction to viewpoint.

Creative Writing, Poetry, Prose view
Document The General and the Specific

How to work with the general and specific, the abstract and concrete.

Creative Writing, Poetry, Prose view
Document Commas

A practical approach to using commas in creative writing.

Creative Writing, Rewriting, Poetry, Prose, Commas view
Link Cultural and Literary Expression in the English Renaissance

Online course in Renaissance literature and culture.

Renaissance, Prose, Drama, Poetry, Analysis view
Link John Milton Reading Room

Annotated versions of Milton’s poems and selected prose and a bibliography.

Renaissance, Poetry, Milton, Prose view
Link Luminarium Anthology of English Literature

Anthology of e-texts, including works from medieval times to the present day, and author pages with links to biographical, critical, and other...

Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Prose view
Link Forms and uses of language

Exploration of voice and how language can be used in different ways for different purposes, with reference to works by Siegfried Sassoon.

Analysis, Creative Writing, Poetry, Poetic Language, Prose, Voice view
Link The American Renaissance

Online course on American nineteenth-century American literature.

Nineteenth-century, American, Poetry, Prose, Fiction, Novels view
Link American Literature I: Beginnings to Civil War

New York University online course on early American Literature. Includes video lectures and post-lecture notes/Q&A.

American, Eighteenth-century, Nineteenth-century, Novels, Poetry, Prose, Stories view
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