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Link Ancient philosophy and mathematics

A course exploring the relation of philosophical and mathematical thought in antiquity, with topics, reading lists, a glossary of terms and...

Philosophy of mathematics, Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Reason, Argument, Truth, Proof, Rationality, Irrationality, Number, Quality, Quantity view
Link Informal Logic

Peer-reviewed, open access journal, devoted to research on topics relating to reasoning and argumentation in theory and practice.

Reason, Argument, Rhetoric, Communication, Linguistics view
Course Kant: Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics

In the 'Prolegomena' Kant aims to introduce the general audience to his critical project. We will read and discuss the text in full, and hence...

Philosophy, Reason view
Link Logic and critical thinking

Full course with video lectures, readings, assignments etc.. An introduction to informal logic and critical thinking.

Analysis, Reason, Argument, Meaning, Necessary and sufficient conditions view
Link Logic I, Fall 2009

Full course with lecture notes, readings, assignments etc.. It studies modern formal logic, including predicate logic and sentential calculus....

Reason, Argument, Validity, Formal logic view
Link Muslim Theology and Islamic Mysticism

two lectures by Abdal Hakim Murad (Tim Winter), giving a systematic introduction to Islamic theology and mystical thought (second part available...

Islamic theology, Islamic mysticism, epistemology, Reason, Faith view
Link Topics in the history of philosophy: Kant

Full course with lecture notes, assignments etc..

Kant, Reason, Space, Time, Matter, Force, Idealism, Critique of Pure Reason view
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