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Link 2012 British Graduate Shakespeare Conference

The Shakespeare Institute’s 2012 Graduate Conference. Includes lectures and discussions on the plays.

Shakespeare, Renaissance, Drama, Plays, Analysis view
Link Approaching Shakespeare

Podcast series on Shakespeare’s plays, by Emma Smith, Oxford University.

Drama, Shakespeare, Renaissance, Plays, Analysis view
Link Bodleian Library BODcasts

Podcasts from the Bodleian Library, Oxford. Includes talks on literature and literary manuscripts.

Manuscripts, Books, Romantic, Early modern, Renaissance, Drama, Poetry, Fiction, Letters view
Link Cambridge English Renaissance Electronic Service (CERES)

A resource for English Renaissance studies, including links to online workshops and research. Hosted by the Faculty of English at the University...

Renaissance, Manuscripts, Poetry, Letters, Prose, Analysis, Criticism view
Link Cultural and Literary Expression in the English Renaissance

Online course in Renaissance literature and culture.

Renaissance, Prose, Drama, Poetry, Analysis view
Link Early Modern Culture Online

Open-access peer-reviewed journal on early modern literature and culture.

Early modern, Renaissance, Criticism, Analysis view
Link Early Modern Literary Studies

Open-access peer-reviewed journal on literature and language of the sixteenth-seventeenth centuries.

Early modern, Renaissance, Sixteenth-century, Seventeeth-century, Criticism view
Link English Timeline

An interactive timeline from the British Library exploring the evolution of English language and literature, 1000 AD-present.

Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Books, Early modern, Renaissance, Romantic, Victorian, Modernism, Postmodernism, Contemporary view
Link Furness Shakespeare Library: Online Collections

Searchable collection of digital scans of Elizabeth texts, including several by Shakespeare.

Shakespeare, Renaissance, Books view
Link Haphazard: A Manuscript Resource for Spenser Studies

Part of the Cambridge English Renaissance Electronic Service (CERES) project. A collection of annotated texts, transcriptions of letters, and...

Edmund Spenser, Renaissance, Manuscripts, Prose, Letters, Poetry view
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