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Audio Verbum caro - Sheppard + PC on Bb - blank tenor.sib

The Sibelius file of the first part of John Sheppard's Verbum caro with missing tenor part. The plainchant for this text is given at the...

John Sheppard, Tudor, Renaissance view
Document Of Pictures and Poets: The humanist interpretation of Renaissance art in Browning’s Dramatic Lyrics and Walter Pater’s Studies in the History of the Renaissance, Aishwarya Anam

Walter Pater’s landmark Studies in the History of the Renaissance suggested that artists should attempt to capture emotive realities as...

19th century, Poetry, Renaissance view
Document John Sheppard - Verbum Caro

A modern edition of John Sheppard's Verbum Caro.

John Sheppard, Tudor, Renaissance, Polyphony view
Document John Sheppard - In manus tuas

A modern edition of John Sheppard's In manus tuas

John Sheppard, Tudor, Renaissance, Polyphony view
Link English Timeline

An interactive timeline from the British Library exploring the evolution of English language and literature, 1000 AD-present.

Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Books, Early modern, Renaissance, Romantic, Victorian, Modernism, Postmodernism, Contemporary view
Link The Poetry of John Milton

Online course on Milton’s poetry.

Milton, Renaissance, Poetry view
Link Interviews on Great Writers

Podcast interviews with academic experts on classic authors.

Drama, Poetry, Renaissance, Twentieth-century, Analysis view
Link The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

MIT’s etexts of Shakespeare’s plays and poetry.

Shakespeare, Renaissance, Plays, Drama, Poetry view
Link Haphazard: A Manuscript Resource for Spenser Studies

Part of the Cambridge English Renaissance Electronic Service (CERES) project. A collection of annotated texts, transcriptions of letters, and...

Edmund Spenser, Renaissance, Manuscripts, Prose, Letters, Poetry view
Link Shakespearean Comedy

Podcasts on Shakespeare’s comedies, from Dr Raphael Lyne of the University of Cambridge.

Shakespeare, Renaissance, Drama, Plays, Comedy view
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