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revolutionary war

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Document Central Government & Volunteering

Extracts from government correspondence discussing the potential, and indeed pitfalls, of local volunteer initatives. Note the central dilemma the...

1792, Terror, volunteers, william pitt, Georgian Britain, revolutionary war view
Document Local Government & Volunteering

Two documents related to Local Government and its role in Volunteer movements, both from Birmingham - something of a hot bed of local politics...

Georgian Britain, revolutionary war, volunteers, eighteenth century history, middle classes view
Document Loyalty & its Limits?

Two documents relating to Local Volunteer movements during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Period. Note the highly localised nature of these...

volunteers, English history, revolutionary war, Napoleonic Wars, Georgian Britain view
Link The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 1792-1815

A useful summary of the events of the French revolutionary and Napoleonic wars which raged in Europe between 1792 and 1815 by James Burbeck in War...

Napoleon, revolutionary war, military history, History, Nineteenth-century view
Link The Volunteer Movement Generally

An excellent article on Volunteer Movements in England throughout the period , by J.E. Cookson, which originally appeared in the Historical...

Georgian Britain, revolutionary war, Napoleonic Wars, volunteers, eighteenth century history view
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