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Roman art

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Image collection Statue of a Roman Emperor, Messene Museum, Greece

Statue of a Roman Emperor, Messene Museum, Greece. Dating from the 2nd half of the 4th century CE, this Emperor holds a globe in his left hand....

Ancient rome, Emperors, Messene, Late Roman, Roman art, Roman empire view

This link takes you to some useful material about the Emperor Arcadius from the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Arcadius, Late Roman, Ancient rome, Roman coins, Roman empire, Early Christian, Decline and Fall, Emperors, Roman art view
Image collection Victorious charioteer, Hunting scene, El Djem Amphitheatre, El Djem Amphitheatre, Damnatio ad bestias, Damnatio ad bestias, 'Riot in the Amphitheatre', Paestum tomb painting, Paestum tomb painting, Bread handouts, Gladiatorial 'stats', Pompeii Amphitheatre, Colosseum and Ludus Magnus, Colosseum, Gladiators, Damnatio ad bestias, Damnatio ad bestias, Beast hunt

These images illustrate the venues and activities associated with 'Bread and Circuses'.

Bread and Circuses, Roman architecture, Roman art, Amphitheatre, Gladiators, Venationes, Mosiac, Wall painting, Colosseum, Pompeii view
Image collection Constantine, Constantine, Constantine, Constantine, Constantine

These over-life-size statues of Constantine are currently displayed in the Capitoline Museum, Rome.

Constantine, Late Roman, Roman art, Ancient rome, Portraiture, Early Christian, Christianity, Emperors view

This link gives you more information about the Diptych of Stilicho.

Stilicho, Vandals, Barbarians, Ancient rome, Late Roman, Roman art, Roman empire, Serena, Eucharius, Diptych view
Link From Pergamon to Sperlonga: sculpture and context

Interesting discussion about Tiberius and sculptures at Sperlonga

Roman art, Rome, Latin, Tiberius view

This link takes you to an image of the ivory diptych of Anicius Petronius Probus, cos. 406 CE, depicting the Emperor Honorius, .

Honorius, Anicius Petronius Probus, Diptych, Roman art, Roman empire, Late Roman, Ancient rome, Emperors view

The Hoxne Hoard was unearthed in 1992. It contained many types of precious objects, buried for safety at a time when Britain was passing out of...

Hoxne hoard, Roman Britain, Roman coins, Roman art, Ancient rome, Late Roman, Constantine II, Constantine III, Early Christian view
Image collection Ludovisi Gaul killing himself and his wife, Ludovisi Gaul, Ludovisi Gaul's wife, Dying Gaul, Interior of the Modern Library of Alexandria, Exterior of the Modern Library of Alexandria, Mithridates VI of Pontus, The Forum of Julius Caesar, Rome

Click on each of the images to see a full size version. LUDOVISI GAUL (Gaul Killing Himself and his Wife) + THE DYING GAUL. 4 Photos © S.P....

Rome, Latin, Roman art, Roman architecture view
Image collection Octavia Minor, Livia Drusilla, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, Papyrus signed by Cleopatra VIII of Egypt, Augustus of the Prima Porta, original in the Vatican, Augustus of the Prima Porta, coloured cast in the Ashmolean

Click on each of the images to see a full size version. OCTAVIA MINOR Photo © S.P. Kershaw Portrait of Octavia Minor, copy from the original...

Ancient history, Roman art, Rome view
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