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Video File Steve2.mp4

The Battle of Actium, where the forces of Octavian and Agrippa defeated those of Antony and Cleopatra in 31 BCE, proved to be one of the turning...

Classics, Egypt, Emperors, Rome view
Video File Steve1.mp4

The Roman Emperor Tiberius was obsessed with Greek mythology and seems to have had a special affinity for Odysseus. This lecture, delivered aboard...

Classics, Emperors, Poetry, Rome, Tiberius view
Course Julius Caesar

The course is designed as an introduction to various aspects of the life and times and writings of Julius Caesar.

British history, Caesar, Cleopatra, Roman His, Rome view
Course The Fall of Rome - part 2: AD 376-476

The ‘Decine and Fall’ (or 'transformation') of the Roman empire has long been a fascinating  and controversial topic which invites comparisons...

Rome, Roman, Roman empire view

This link takes you to a commentary on Cicero Ad Familiares 8.1 (the text of Section 6B(i) and 6B(ii) in the course book) by Frank Frost...

Rome, Cicero, Pompey, Caesar, Civil War view
Link CARUS (282-283 CE)

This link gives information, images and further links relevany to the Emperor Carus.

Ancient rome, Rome, Late Roman, Roman coins, Roman empire, Early Christian, Numismatics, Emperors, Age of Chaos, Carus view

This link takes you to a translation of Suetonius’ Nero

Ancient history, Classics, Emperors, History, Latin, Nero, Rome, Suetonius view

This link takes you to a translation of Tacitus' Histories

Ancient history, Classics, Emperors, History, Latin, Rome, Tacitus, Year of the Four Emperors, Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian view
Link Divvs Clavdivs

Interesting discussion on Tiberius.

Rome, Latin, Tiberius view

This link takes you to a translation of Eusebius' Chronicon.

Eusebius, Ancient history, Roman empire, Ancient rome, Late Roman, Rome, Decline and Fall, Transformation of the Roman Empire, Church history, Ecclesiastical History, Christianity view
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